Cranial Electro Stimulation and Seizure Disorder

May 15, 2011

Over the 21 years I have been in business, I have had many calls from health care providers about using Cranial Electro Stimulation with patients who have a seizure disorder. I asked the foremost authority and leading researcher on CES, Dr. Ray Smith, if he would give me his opinion about the subject and he agreed to let me put this on the website. Nancy Campbell

Seizuers and CES,
by Ray B. Smith, Ph.D, CES Researcher and Statistician

I think back to the study I did that was published in Brain Injury, Vol 8 (4), pages 357-361 with some 20 closed head injured patients, many of whom were seizure patients.  The study was double blind and we gave them CES or sham CES every day for 1 hour, Monday through Friday for 3 weeks.  One patient had a seizure during the second week of the study so we took him out of the study.  At the end of the study none of the other patients had had a seizure and we found, when we broke the double blinding code that the patient who had the seizure was getting sham CES.  When his parents saw the results of the study with those actually getting CES, they demanded that their son be treated also.  We called him back for 3 weeks of daily CES treatment and he had no additional seizures.
On another front, when I worked in a 600 bed addiction treatment center back in the 1970s, we were not allowed to put CES on patients until they had gone completely through detox because a sizable proportion of patients had withdrawal seizures.  Four years later I had occasion to contact the CES therapists at Charity Hospital in New Orleans, who told me that for months they had successfully used CES on all patients entering withdrawal to prevent their having seizures. They swore by CES as a seizure preventive measure in that situation.

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